Christian Zionism Webinar with Revd Dr Munther Isaac

The United Methodist Church for Kairos Response present two authorities on Christian Zionism, a disturbing political theology embraced by millions of Americans who now have a tremendous influence on US foreign policy with regard to Israel and Palestine. Our speakers will help us understand the theology of Christian Zionism, why it is an inaccurate interpretation of Scripture, how it is harming Palestinian Christians and the entire Middle East peace process, and how to counter this theology in our churches.

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Zion’s Christian SoldiersThe Bible, Israel and the Church

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Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon?

Where does Christian Zionism come from? The Historical Roots

What do Christian Zionists Believe? The Theological Basis

What is the Impact of Christian Zionism? The Political Agenda

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How do you Debate with a Christian Zionist? Revelation TV Debate

How Have Church Leaders Responded? The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism