0027You can view my photographic collections based on countries and subjects on Flickr.

I have Press Accreditation from the Palestine News Network (PNN) and Holy Land Trust.

I invested my life savings in my first camera aged 10 with money earned from my newspaper round. It was a Russian made Cosmic 35. I then graduated to an all manual Zenit B SLR with a prime 50mm lens and an external exposure meter. I used a magnifying glass to create my first zoom lens. When I got a real job, working in a fish and chip shop and then as a petrol pump attendant, I upgraded to a Canon A1 and a zoom lens. Then I bought a Canon T90 and Canon EOS 650.

But like the story of the ‘Pearl of Great Price’ I eventually sold all my Canon equipment and converted to Nikon, first buying a lovely Nikon D200 DSLR, before upgrading to a Nikon D300, and eventually to the full frame D700.

I now use a Nikon D4s and D4 with a D750 as my backup. I carry a Sony RX100 in the car.

My photos are copywrite and may not be reproduced commercially without permission. You may however freely use them for charitable or educational use if the source is acknowledged.

To purchase originals of any of these photographs please contact Stephen

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