Beyond the Two-State Solution: An Interview with Jonathan Kuttab

‘Beyond the Two-State Solution’, by Jonathan Kuttab, is a short introduction to the ongoing crisis in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism have been at loggerheads for over a century. Some thought the two-state solution would resolve the conflict between them. Kuttab explains that the two-state solution (that he supported) is no longer viable. 

He suggests that any solution be predicated on the basic existential needs of the two parties, needs he lays out in exceptional detail. He formulates a way forward for a 1-state solution that challenges both Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism. 

This book invites readers to begin a new conversation based on reality: two peoples will need to live together in some sort of unified state. It is balanced and accessible to neophytes and to experts alike. 

In this short interview Jonathan explains why the One Democratic State is the only viable way forward. 

You may download a free copy of Jonathan’s book from Nonviolence International

Jonathan Kuttab is a co-founder of Nonviolence International. A well-known international human rights attorney, Jonathan has established himself as a prominent speaker on nonviolence. 

He is also a co-founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq, a member of the Board of  Bethlehem Bible College and Executive Director of Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA).  Jonathan is also a member of the Peacemaker Trust International Board of Reference.