Christian Zionism: Seven Biblical Answers

It is not an understatement to say that what is at stake is our understanding of the gospel, the centrality of the cross, the role of the church, and the nature of our missionary mandate, not least, to the beloved Jewish people. If we don’t see Jesus at the heart of the Hebrew scriptures, and the continuity between his Old Testament and New Testament saints in the one inclusive Church, we’re not reading them correctly. The key question is this “Was the coming of Jesus and the birth of the Church the fulfilment or the postponement of the promises God made to Abraham?” Christian Zionists see the promises of identity, land and destiny as part of an ongoing covenant God has with the Jewish people. In the following resources I answer this question and show that Christian Zionism is a recent manifestation of a heresy refuted by the Old and New Testaments.

What is the Relationship between Israel and the Church? Seven Biblical Answers 

I liken the biblical basis of Christian Zionism to a balloon full of hot air. How many pins do you need to burst a balloon? I will give you seven.

This is a simple four page introduction to the main biblical passages that answer and refute the most common Zionist assumptions about God’s purposes for Israel and the Church. It is also available as a pdf download

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Zion’s Christian Soldiers: Seven Chapters

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