Fourteen English Anglican Bishops plan to attend FCA Launch

Many of us over here are looking forward with great anticipation to Be Faithful! – Confessing Anglicans in Global and Local Mission taking place in Central Hall Westminster on Monday. As of Thursday night, over 1000 people were registered. We expect more to come.

We are encouraged by the number of Church of England Bishops who have indicated their attendance. These include:

Bishop Michael Langrish, Exeter
Bishop David Urquhart, Birmingham
Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, Rochester
Bishop John Hind, Chichester
Bishop Wallace Benn, Lewes
Bishop Colin Fletcher, Dorchester
Bishop Keith Sinclair, Birkenhead
Bishop John Broadhurst, Fulham
Bishop Andrew Burnham, Ebbsfleet
Bishop Keith Newton, Richborough
Bishop John Ball (Retd – Assistant in Chelmsford)
Bishop Colin Bazley (Retd – Assistant in Chester)
Bishop John Ellison (Retd – Assistant in Winchester)
Bishop Maurice Sinclair (Retd – Assistant in Birmingham)

Bishop Peter Forster of Chester, the Bishop-elect of Southwell and Nottingham, Paul Butler, and Bishop Michael Scott-Joynt of Winchester have sent public messages of support.

Archbishop Peter Akinola is also sending Archbishop Nicholas Okoh and Bishop David Onuoha from Nigeria to bring his personal message of greeting and support.