Israel’s Strategic Weapon: America’s Christian Zionists

This week I recorded an interview with Faisal Mohammad for Turkish TRT entitled ‘Israel’s Strategic Weapon: America’s Christian Zionists’. It has apparently gone viral with over 300k+ viewings in jless than a week. The programme explores why Netanyahu cited the Hebrew scriptures to justify his genocide in Gaza. You can view the programme on the following channels:


Israel’s war rhetoric is laced with biblical references, a ploy aimed at wooing Christian Evangelicals in the US. Here’s how British theologian Stephen Sizer unpacks this phenomenon.

Read the article by Faisal Mohammad for TRT based on the interview here

For a more comprehensive refutation and deconstruction of Christian Zionism see here:

Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions (an introduction and summary of below)

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The following three chapters are a summary of my book:

Christian Zionism Master History (part 1)
Christian Zionism Master Theology (part 2)
Christian Zionism Master Politics (part 3)

The following were research chapters that were later edited and included in the book:

Chapter 1: Christian Zionism Defined
Chapter 2: A History of Christian Zionism
Chapter 3: Edward Irving (1792-1834) The Origins of the Rapture Doctrine
Chapter 4: John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) The Father of Dispensationalism
Chapter 5: Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921) and the Rise of Modern Dispensationalism
Chapter 6: Hal Lindsey and Armageddon Theology
Chapter 7: The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
Chapter 8: The Hermeneutics of Christian Zionism Critiqued
Chapter 9: The Jewish Temple within Christian Zionism

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