Christianity Explored Launch in Burundi

Craig Dyer and I leave for Bujumbura in Burundi on Sunday to launch the new Kirundi translation of Christianity Explored at the invitation of the Anglican Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi. The journey takes us via Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

The BBC gives the low down on Burundi and why this kind of initiative is so important in equipping and training church leaders in communicating the Christian message of reconciliation.

Burundi, one of the world’s poorest nations, is emerging from a 12-year, ethnic-based civil war. The government and the last active rebel group signed a ceasefire in May 2008, but post-election tension in 2010 renewed fears of civil war.

This will be our fourth visit to East Africa to train pastors and church leaders to use Christianity Explored.  Previous visits have been to Kenya and Uganda. Check out the photos here