World Vision – Willow Creek Association: Holy Land Tour for Church Leaders

Jesus as Lord, Servant and Peacemaker:
A Holy Land Tour for Church Leaders

21 March-1 April 2011

Trip Facilitators: Lynne Hybels, Steve Haas and Stephen Sizer. Hosted jointly by World Vision and the Willow Creek Association with the assistance of the Holy Land Trust

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“As followers of Jesus called to be peacemakers, we need to understand the context in which Jesus lived, as well as the current tragic conflict in the Holy Land. This tour offers both as we follow the Jesus story, and meet with indigenous Christians committed to incarnating the spirit of Jesus today.” Lynne Hybels (Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church)

This encounter will stretch and provide you with insights on how to lead your church more effectively. It will also provide a life-line to those of our Christian family that remain in this turbulent region of the world.” Steve Haas (VP & Chief Catalyst, World Vision)

“If you want to make a difference to the ‘peace-process’ stalemate, this tour is for you. You’ll get to see the main biblical sites but more importantly you will meet fellow church leaders working for justice, peace and reconciliation and discover how you can partner with them.”  Stephen Sizer (Senior Pastor, Christ Church, Virginia Water)

Tour objectives in collaboration with the Willow Creek Association, Holy Land Trust and World Vision:

  1. Renew our appreciation for the ministry of Jesus the Servant as the model for our personal commitment to God’s purposes.
  2. Experience the land and its culture to broaden our understanding of Scripture and renew our spiritual commitment.
  3. Deepen our understanding of current events in Israel/Palestine and of their global impact.
  4. Meet with local leaders to learn of their work for peace and justice in the Middle-East.
  5. Create opportunities for North American churches to partner with Middle Eastern churches and agencies.

Download the brochure here