The Blessing of Giving: Matthew 6:1-4

Giving to the Lord’s Work: Matthew 6:1-4 from Stephen Sizer on Vimeo.

This week I am pleased to say I received a letter from Ernie 4… The Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment. Yes, I’ve won a Premium Bond prize! I’ve only had them a few months. I got fed up with the abysmal interest rate my bank was paying on savings. I don’t regard it as gambling because you can get my money back at any time. I feel quite good about lending my savings to the government to help bail out the banks.

I have already won more money than I could have earned in a year’s worth of bank interest. Rest assured, the prize won’t change my life style. I will be generous with my prize – all two and a half thousand… pennies… (£25)

These Sunday mornings during the Spring we are considering the privileges of church membership. And today we come to the privilege of giving. I want us to see that this is so much more than simply placing money in the collection or giving by direct debit. In a most profound way, our attitude to money is shaping not only our legacy but indeed, our destiny. Lets begin by asking five simple questions – The when, what, where, how & why of giving.

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