Christianity Explored Swahili Launch: Bishop Stanley Ntagali

Bishop Stanley Ntagali Launches Christianity Explored in Swahili from Stephen Sizer on Vimeo.

Bishop Stanley Ntagali of Masindi, Uganda, speaks at the launch of the Swahili translation of Christianity Explored in Bweyale, in January 2010.

A high proportion of the residents in the area are refugees and live in resettlement camps. The hope is that those trained will help resource other churches to use CE Swahili into Sudan and Congo as well as Tanzania and Kenya.

Uganda is a country of striking beauty with a bright future but with momentous demographic and economic challenges ahead. With God’s help, The Church of Uganda, with its schools and hospitals, as in Kiwoko and Bweyale, will help its people realise their full potential, to the glory of God and the extension of his kingdom.

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